The complete guide to

Low-Risk Continuous Delivery

Adopting Continuous Delivery can bring a host of benefits to your organization, but the challenge lies in implementing the right architecture and the right tool to reduce the risks of deploying often.

Deploy with confidence

Whether you’re testing or deploying in production, Rollbar gives you real-time insight into errors and their root cause so you can deploy more frequently with fewer errors.

Monitor and fix errors in real-time

Get complete visibility in to what’s broken with all the details you need to fix bugs faster. Rollbar allows you to monitor, debug and triage errors in real-time allowing you to move faster without compromising your software quality or customer experience.

Get real-time insights in test and pre-production

Diagnose and fix broken tests faster so you can iterate at the speed you need. With real-time results and stack traces with local variables, you can get your tests to go from red to green faster and get to production sooner than ever before.

Get moving from code to deploy faster with Rollbar


In this guide we’ll explore:

  • How to lower risk through culture, architecture, and tooling.
  • Characteristics of post deploy tools for Continuous Delivery.
  • Importance of automation in enabling fast reaction times.

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins and Rollbar

Continuous delivery (CD) helps reduce the cost, time and risk of delivering changes by allowing for fast incremental updates to applications. Be notified immediately if something is wrong or users are having a poor experience.

Continuous Delivery Customers

Cutting-edge FinTech company relies on Rollbar to iterate faster across environments

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