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Pre-production error monitoring provides continuous error intelligence across every environment - no matter where you are in the development and deployment process.

Defect management in software testing across the software development lifecycle

Code quality assurance from first to last check-in

As teams, environments, and system complexity grows, adding error intelligence early in the development process brings improved software quality across the development lifecycle.

  • Faster resolution of build failures

    Faster resolution of build failures

    When code exceptions are captured automatically early in the production process, the effort to investigate and coordinate resolution is greatly reduced.

  • De-duplication of bug reports

    De-duplication of bug reports

    The ability to trace code exceptions to the original failure and group these into a single investigation dramatically reduces the amount of work spent in development.

  • Improved bug reporting and communication

    Improved bug reporting and communication

    Exception details and linking of bug reports based on exceptions greatly reduces friction by enhancing the quality of bug reports and acting as a connector between code and functionality.

  • Correlation of errors with previous occurrences

    Correlation of errors with previous occurrences

    Get historical records of previous failures that are similar to the ones currently being investigated to reduce time to fix errors and provide key insights for developers.

  • More effective QA processes

    More effective QA processes

    By observing exceptions triggered early in the SDLC, test coverage and engineering process can be measured for better quality before software changes reach the deployment phase.

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