Get all the data you need in one place

Stack trace data is a must when debugging, but other details and contextual metadata can sometimes be very useful.

Rollbar automatically collects all such data, including HTTP request parameter values, local variable values, and more. You can also easily replay the errors, including via curl.

Don't waste your time sifting through logs - all the data you need is already in Rollbar.

Link errors and deploys

When you integrate source control and deploy tools like GitHub or Bitbucket with Rollbar, debugging gets even easier.

Rollbar automatically starts trying to identify which recent deploy may have caused the error.

You also get links to source code in the stack trace, and links to commits so you can quickly view the diff.

Follow the breadcrumbs

Telemetry works just like a black box recorder, but for errors.

Telemetry for JavaScript gives you a timeline of browser events leading up to when the error occurred, including page loads, user actions, network activity, and console logs.

Using Rollbar I don’t have to spend time trying to reproduce errors on my own. It tells me what the steps are. Rollbar empowers your team to be able to sort through issues and turn things around quickly.

Amanda SegalSupport Engineer