Detect, diagnose and resolve errors in minutes

Integrating Rollbar with GitHub will help take your debugging and monitoring to the next level. Deep link stack traces to code repos, correlate errors to deployments, and start debugging better using your existing workflow and tools.

Deep links to source code

Rollbar integrates with GitHub repos and creates deep links to your code to help you diagnose and fix errors faster.

  • Link stack traces in Rollbar directly to lines of code in your GitHub repos.

  • Go from stack trace to broken code in one-click.

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Keep track of code deployments

Notify Rollbar when you deploy code. Get a view of your deployment history for each environment and how deploys impact error rates.

  • See which commits were in each deploy and view full diffs for additional insight and context.

  • Correlate errors and regressions to code deployments.

  • View commits that didn't deploy, but were merged to the master branch.

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Sync with GitHub Issues

Turn app errors into issues in GitHub. Manually or automatically create issues for your team to track and fix. Effortless troubleshooting with detailed exception data in issues.

  • Set rules to automatically open new issues.

  • Create and assign issues with just a few clicks.

  • Resolved errors in Rollbar, resolves issues in GitHub.

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Resolve errors in commits

Resolve errors when commiting code. When new code is deployed, errors referenced in your commit messages for that deployment will get automatically resolved in Rollbar.

  • Automatically resolve errors when they are deployed.

  • Reference errors in commit messages to auto-resolve.

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