Get Sinatra exception & crash reports in real-time.
Track & debug Sinatra bugs in record time.

Real-time error reporting

Sinatra errors are tracked by Rollbar instantly as they occur. Get notified of errors and how to fix them throughout the software development process.

Similar errors are automatically grouped using Rollbar's fingerprinting technology to reduce noise, and all errors include detailed data to help you assess impact and assign priority.

Error details & metadata

Rollbar automatically collects all the data you need to replicate and debug an error, presented in ways optimized for debugging speed.

Get stack traces, request parameters, local variables, affected users and IP addresses, browsers and OSes, deployed code versions, and more.

Error analytics query tool

RQL (Rollbar Query Language) allows you to perform data analysis and build custom reports on your error data, using a familiar SQL-like language.

You can use RQL to get answers to very specific questions, e.g. "How many users are getting by 404 errors right now, grouped by referring URLs?"

RQL is also accessible via API.

Works with your stack

Rollbar supports all popular languages and frameworks:

Fits into your workflow

Integrations with tools you're already using.

Software engineers make mistakes and code isn’t perfect. Plus, we integrate with third-party systems, so anything can go wrong in the stack. Having Rollbar there gave us this immediate ability to troubleshoot things.

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Quick setup with our lightweight & open source SDK

How to configure rollbar-gem to work with your Sinatra app

Quick Start

Initialize Rollbar with your access token somewhere during startup:

Start monitoring errors now

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Uncaught exceptions in Rails controllers will be automatically reported to Rollbar. You can use one of Rollbar.log(level, ...), Rollbar.debug(),,Rollbar.warning(), Rollbar.error() and Rollbar.critical() to report caught exceptions and messages.

The methods accept any number of arguments. The last exception is used as the reported exception, the last string is used as the message/description, and the last hash is used as the extra data...