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How Branch uses Rollbar to dramatically reduce resolution time


Branch provides a linking infrastructure for mobile apps. It allows developers and marketers to use deep linking, attribution, and analytics to create seamless mobile experiences.

Founded in 2014, Branch has grown very quickly and raised over $100M in funding in the process. Their customers include Starbucks, Slack, Ticketmaster, Target, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Fidelity.

Branch currently has an ambitious and regimented release cadence for their core products and services. The engineering team does two large production releases a week, including a testing/QA feedback cycle. Branch has hundreds of machines running their application code. As the footprint of their application grew, manually sifting through logs became totally unmanageable and unscalable.

It was impossible to consolidate the data or coordinate any deeper investigation into the application run-time system. They needed a solid application error monitoring solution for their engineering team that, having grown by several orders of magnitudes in just a few years, would also scale with them.

“Our customers are solving real-world problems – any potentially critical error is something we need to immediately know about, so we can investigate and respond in real time,” said Ian Chan, Branch’s Director of Engineering.

We will only release if we’re confident we have a quality candidate to go out. Rollbar is an essential part of our release process, helping us make sure that the code and the new features we’re shipping are as high quality as possible. It’s the best tool in the industry.

Ian ChanDirector of Engineering at Branch


Rollbar’s ability to monitor errors in real-time, and the fact that it integrates with so many languages and platforms - including JavaScript, Python, and Java, which Branch is built on - made it a key, no-brainer addition to Branch’s development stack.

Ian said, “Rollbar helps us make sure that we can continue building a high quality product and platform. The Rollbar team has been very responsive to ensure that their service was always available to us so we could focus on our business and customer issues.”

Rollbar’s dashboards and real-time alerting tools allow Branch to investigate potential issues immediately to ensure the platform is highly reliable and available to Branch’s customers.

“At two in the morning, when I get a notification from the Rollbar platform, I’m grateful we have this amount of visibility into our application so that we can quickly address the issue before it impacts our customers,” said Ian.


Branch prides itself on delivering reliability and availability to its customers, and Rollbar plays a critical part in this by providing visibility and deep insights into production system issues.

Rollbar also dramatically cuts down the amount of time Branch’s engineering team needs to spend on investigating and prioritizing mission-critical errors that they see in production.

“This time saved is incredibly valuable for us so that the engineering team can focus on other high priority issues,” said Ian.

He continued,

“In order to scale, grow, and maintain an enterprise grade platform, the choice to use Rollbar was obvious; it’s a critical part of our system and workflow.”

  • Production deploys: twice a week

  • Sifting through logs was becoming unmanageable and unscalable

  • The real-time, application-centric nature of Rollbar solved this problem for Branch

  • The engineering time Rollbar saves is incredibly valuable as it frees the team to focus on other high priority issues

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