Trajectory LIVE Nanoseries | BUILD Session

In the weeks leading up to the main event, LaunchDarkly will host a series that focuses on how specific teams are using Feature Management to build, operate, learn and empower. Starting July 29th, tune in to catch these coffee-break sized live sessions, every Wednesday at 10am PT.

Rollbar is a produ Sponsor of the BUILD session on July 29th 2020 at 10 PT. Join us on the conversation and meet our at our virtual booth to enter to win a Wine Tasting package for 2!

July 29, 2020


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Trajectory LIVE

Meet us at Trajectory this August and join our VP of Engineering, Francesco Crippa, to learn about -

How to Build Self Healing Systems and a Kill Switch | Error Monitoring at its best!

On call schedule, constant reorganizations, fast turnover, impossible deadlines, new platform and new frameworks every day. Building our modern platforms is becoming progressively unsustainable for the new generations of engineers.

In these challenging scenario, a new hope is coming from a more manageable and sustainable approach offered by systems able to operate autonomously without human supervision. Cloud computing, standardized API, common practices and shared tools are opening the door to the possibility of building self healing systems: systems that can react quickly and automatically to the increase in load, recover from unexpected errors even before users can noticed it, running rollbacks and migrations without any human interactions.

While all of this is technically possible, specific practices (Feature Flags and Error Monitoring) and strong discipline are needed to build such systems, and above all, a new engineering culture needs to be defined to make the dream reality.

August 26 - 27, 2020


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